The magical mystery tour to Isla Mujeres begins on a ferry like this one. Want to listen to the girls on the ferry? Good. Put your mouse over the text. Whenever you're ready move the mouse until it becomes a hand and click. Yes, it's true; sometimes you can see dolphins in pairs on the way over. Will this be your lucky day?
Isla Mujeres is 5 miles long by 10 blocks wide at it's widest point. It is 4 miles off the coast Quintana Roo coast. See more about it's name below.

Isla Mujeres for your vacationFor as little as two dollars you can ferry to the island in a boat like that shown in the photo to the right. Isla Mujeres means the island of women which may give the wrong idea to single male ferry passengers anticipating their dreams will be realized on the island of women. Mind you their dreams may still be realized but know the ratio of men to women on the island is equal. Like Cancun the ladies are lovely. The island got it's name from the early explorers who found the island decorated with idols in the images of women. The women on the island at that time were naked. Today on CoCo Beach you will find some topless sunbathers as in the south of France.

Several miles north of Isla Mujeres is Contoy island. Occupied by a lighthouse keeper who gets mighy lonesome sometimes with his only companions thousands of birds. This wildlife sanctuary may be visted by boat from Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres for your vacationCoCo Beach which many say is the island's most beautiful swimming beach which is located right at the northern end. Some call this lovely beach Playa Norte while others call it CoCo Beach. And some plage nord.

It is the place to go and stay which is why we offer lodgings in this area at this choice hotel Na Balam.
as well as the very special
Avalon Reef Club which is on it's own island accessed via footbridge from North Beach. And next to the Hotel Avalon Reef on Playa Norte is the town.
Also on North Beach (Playa Norte) we have the ecological Na Balam .   Posada del Mar in front of beach in town
On the center of the island, secluded near a turtle farm offering one and two bedroom beach units we have Hotel Cristalmar Resort. On a the best beach North Beach and close to town Ixchel North Beach condo.
And close to the town is El Milagro Beach and Marina    adult only couples only Palace Isla

Back in the 1500's pirates and smugglers used the island's isolation to their advantage. During the 1960's beach bums and hippies came over lured by the island's laid-back atmosphere. More recently the island has attracted tourists from Cancun looking for a more typical Yucatan experience than Cancun or Cozumel. At the southern end of the island you can find El Garrafon for snorkeling. Across the entrance to Playa Lancheros is the old abandoned mansion of Mundaca. This pirate built this hacienda for the love of a native girl who he hoped to marry and live with in the mansion but she rejected him and married a local man.
The main shopping and attractions of the island are found in walking distance from both Mia Reef and Na Balam.

Parque Garrafon is a snorkel spot located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres. This park has a reef located just a few feet off the shore. This makes for some awesome snorkeling!!
Near this aqua park is the hotel Cristalmar with one and two bedroom beach units.

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The island was used by the Mayan people as a sanctuary dedicated to Ixchel, the goddess of love and fertility or the Mayan answer to Venus and Afrodite. According to legend, when the Spanish arrived they found a large number of women statues carved in stone in honor of the goddess Ixchel, and it is from these idols the island gets itís name "Isla Mujeres" (The Island of Women). Afterwards the island was used as a refuge by the pirate and slave trader, Fermin Mundaca, who built a beautiful hacienda here to try to make a local island girl fall in love with him. But she loved a young local boy and rejected the old derelict pirate.
The ruins of the construction are a reminder of this love in vain. Want to return to these areas?
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